CITYSAFE offers 6 pre-designed safes to protect your valuables. Each one can be assembled specifically for you within the space that you determine. If you need a security safe or vault in a size that is not included in the MODUL•X Series 1 or 2, then MODUL•X Series 3 can be custom configured to your requirements.

What makes the MODUL•X Series vaults unequaled is their ease of assembly. Each component can be delivered individually and built on-site. Because the vault is built from the inside out using our patented design, you are assured that your valuables are safe. Each vault is backed by the exceptional reputation of CITYSAFE for quality protection of your possessions.

MODUL•X Series vaults have been burglary tested by Underwriters Laboratories and have received the coveted all six sides tested label. The research and development for which CITYSAFE is internationally famous is always presenting new and improved safes and vaults beyond even UL requirements.